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September 24, 2011

As an East Asian Studies/Japanese Studies double major, one can expect to be taking a relatively large proportion of Asian studies classes. Of course I know this intellectually, but somehow I forgot just how much overload 4 Asian studies classes can be. I've done this before - first semester last year in fact - but then I added Shakespeare last semester to spice things up. (Strangely enough, Shakespeare has a lot in common with... Gah! Asia, stay out of Shakespeare!) This semester though, it's all Asia, all the time, with Chinese and Japanese literature, Japanese language, and a survey of East Asian history. Not surprisingly, I find Asia even taking over my artistic life. Chinese Ghost and Love Stories prodded me to write a screenplay, and now East Asian Survey (the History course) is demanding I paint a shy, retiring Geisha peering coyly over her shoulder under a cherry blossom tree, yes, that specific.

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September 22, 2011

Armed with my new camera, I'm ready to take on Hong Kong (note the Occidental College shirt).

My first blog post of the new school year, and I'm not even at Oxy. I have the opportunity to spend this semester abroad, studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This place is quite a bit different from Oxy, and from Los Angeles in general. Let's get the obvious out of the way: I am in a foreign country, and I am reminded by that fact multiple hundreds of times per day. From the Cantonese spoken on the bus, to the fact that most of the signs I encounter are...

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September 12, 2011

Hello Again! School's only been in session for two (short) weeks, and I already feel like I've been here for a month!  Part of that probably has something to do with the fact that I've been super busy since I got here in Mid-August.  As an overview, I had Barista Training at the Green Bean, I helped at the Club Fair, I've had several Theta events, and I also decided to add a fifth class to my schedule. In case you don't know, most students at Oxy take 4 classes a semester, and in fact you can't take more than 18 credits in your first year without getting special permission.  Anyway, at some point during the first week of school, I realized that I really wanted to take a Philosophy class again this semester.  I am tentatively working towards a minor in Philosophy, but I'd not sure if I can manage it on top of a double-major.  Technically, I am still undeclared, as I haven't officially...

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September 10, 2011

The title to this blog post may seem odd, since the school year is just getting underway and but I'm "finally relaxing"? Well, it's kind of true for me! I have been back at Oxy since August 21st when I moved in to start my Orientation Team training. With 47 other O-Team leaders, I went through a week of intense training - from about 9am-10pm daily. It was so so so incredibly fun - perhaps the most fun I have had with a group of Oxy students since I joined softball last year! We learned all about how to be a good leader and group facilitator, while also getting to know over 50 new people. I went into this experience knowing maybe 3 people doing O-Team and by the last day of orientation I had 50 new, good friends. Since the last day of Orientation I have literally spent every day with O-Team leaders. We don't even plan it. Usually I just walk into the Marketplace (the dining hall) and there's a table of 6 O-Team leaders! It...

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September 9, 2011

Hey guys! I've been back at Oxy for around two weeks and it feels like I never left. I'm already back in the swing of things: going to class, seeing friends, doing homework, eating at the marketplace, and enjoying the dorm life. This year I'm living in Bell-Young; an AIR-CONDITIONED upperclassmen dorm. It's been around 100 degrees here for the last couple days and I am so thankful for my own personal AC. It was so hot yesterday, that the administration moved the location of the Involvement Fair into a more shady area to protect the fair goers from the blazing sun. The Involvement Fair is an annual event that introduces new and returning students to the many activities, organizations, and volunteer opportunities on and off campus.  This year, I signed up for a bike share program, yoga club, Oxy's...

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August 27, 2011

Hello there! I'm back! First off, I know it has been awhile since I've posted anything, and for that I am sorry.  I meant to blog over the summer, but I was waiting for something blog-worthy to happen didn't.  The last month was exciting, but other than that I had a peaceful summer, to say the least.  I got to know my cat really well.  I will give you a brief overview: May: Got home. It's cold, have to pull out winter clothes. Looked at boxes.  Not unpacking (too sad). Look for jobs; not qualified.  Apply anyways. June: The job search continues.  Number of applications sent: 8. Number of replies: 0.  Still haven't unpacked. Rediscover Legend of Summer, Ocarina of Time on my computer.  Can 't get past the Fire Temple because I don't have a real controller and fall while trying to get the hammer. Reflect on my lameness.  Learn how to make Onigiri (recipe...

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August 24, 2011

Hey everyone!  I've been totally MIA this summer because things have been cuh-razy!!!  During May and June I relaxed at home a bit and was able to catch up with friends and family.  I spent a week in Sedona, AZ, with my parents, which was beautiful, a week in Ashland, OR, with my mom seeing plays at the Shakespeare Festival, and then a few days near West Yellowstone in Idaho at a family reunion, which was great.  Then, on July 8th I left for Zanzibar, Tanzania for four weeks with a nonprofit called One Heart Source (OHS) to teach about community health, HIV/AIDS, and English.  There were about 25 American and British volunteers on my program, and we lived in homestays in the small town of Bwejuu for the whole 4 weeks.  I had two roommates: one was an American who goes to UCLA, and the other was a Zanzibarian volunteer who helped by translating Swahili to English and vice versa.  The town itself was beautiful...

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August 13, 2011

As the summer vacation winds down, we begin to get ready for the new semester that is upon us. This summer had its ups and downs so I am pretty much ready to start school.  I would have loved to blog more this summer, but couldn’t fit the time. These past few weeks have been stressful as well as emotional. First I had to deal with the fact that I had a final for my summer course that I thought I was not going to pass (but did!) so that was a bit stressful.  And now my family is going through some tough times. My aunt (who resides in Guatemala where my parents are from) has been diagnosed with breast cancer and a week after, my godfather (who resides in LA) was diagnosed with cancer as well. I don’t want readers to be gloomy of these news because, although this is an incurable disease that has affected two people that I love, I know they are strong and will get through this. So moving on to a different subject, the semester is...

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August 7, 2011

Hi blog readers! This is the last post of the summer until school begins again in just 24 days! I can't believe how quickly summer '11 went by. What's new with me? I just got a credit card and I am finally feeling a little bit like a grown up. Time to start building that credit! Another HUGE thing that's happening in my life right now - the Her Campus Oxy launch!! Her Campus is a national online magazine written for and by college aged women (known on the site as collegiettes). I am proud and excited to be President/Editor-in-Chief of Oxy's very own Her Campus branch!! If you're interested in contributing to the site LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter because information will be released very shortly! I am super excited for this new venture and hope that you all are too. For my August post I am going to give y'all some tips for getting through Orientation. It was a crazy week and it feels so long ago now, but it...

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July 27, 2011

Well my summer's about to wrap up in a couple weeks and I've only done about half the things on my summer to do list =/  6 flags is definitely happening this weekend though you know why?!  Because this weekend is National Dance day on saturday!  (July 30th)  You can learn all the dances for national dance day here: On the work side of summer, I've been working at Merrill Lynch as a Wealth Management Intern.  Its a great opportunity, but perhaps the best part is that it goes toward my major emphasis in Econ as well =) Summer time is so short!  I can't believe I'm about to go back to Oxy, but there are definitely things that I am excited to go back for.  The beginning of the school year is such an energetic time.  New students are on campus trying to figure everything out, clubs are promoting events... it almost...

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